Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

In dire need of a combustion technology to address reduction of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions, California Boiler formed an alliance with ClearSign Technologies, a combustion technology company. This team of experienced technicians, control experts, and leading-edge combustion theory scientists chose to “Go Rogue” by starting from basic principles rather than modifying existing low NOx burner design which had already been pushed beyond their limits. The partnership became Rogue Combustion, LLC and the result is the Rogue Burner and Control Series with ClearSign Core™ technology.

Rogue Combustion has adapted to the Core Technology™ to fire-tube boilers, water-tube boilers, flares, and helical tube oil heaters. To find out more, see the Technology and Contact Us sections of our website.

Rogue Combustion


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    Rogue developed something unique in the combustion and burner industry - the world's cleanest boiler burner. Rogue is an industry leader driving revival in a legacy field.

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    Rogue is environmentally aware. The company developed new technology that allows for cleaner usage, less pollution and makes a positive impact for the environment.

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    Rogue is a reliable partner. Customers can trust Rogue products will meet usage, safety and security measures, and that processes will be high-quality and efficient.

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    Rogue understands the bottom line is extremely important to our customers. The innovative Rogue products are not just environmentally friendly, but cost-efficient too.

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    Rogue is not afraid to take big steps. Rogue is a competitive force in the burner field and able to compete with the big guys.



ClearSign Combustion Corporation designs and develops technologies that aim to solve the greatest challenge facing the energy industry today: capital intensive emissions control requirements which reduce process throughput, consume energy, complicate design and destroy profits.


Whether developing advanced burner control systems, providing service and commissioning support or upgrading existing plant with retrofit packages Autoflame products provide seamless solutions and empower customers to monitor and reduce their emissions to help us all build a cleaner future.


In addition to exceptional service, California Boiler offers a wide variety of boilers, ultra low NOx burners, heaters, industrial water heaters, fuel efficiency equipment, controls, water treatment units and boiler parts and accessories.