Complying with increasingly tough emissions requirements is a continued challenge for the boiler industry. Conventional ultra-low NOx burners have been pushed to their limits; they have become increasingly complex and costly and, in some regions, still fail to meet current NOx requirements. SCRs can meet these new emissions regulations, but they come with significant capital and operating cost and the need for additional training to handle required catalysts and reagents.

Rogue Combustion now offers a superior solution– the ClearSign Core™ Inside Fire Tube Boiler Burner.

Simply put, this product delivers SCR-level performance in a compact burner that is both cost-effective and simple to operate and maintain. Thoroughly tested in a variety of boiler configurations, the Rogue Combustion ClearSign Core™ Inside burner can yield sub 2.5 ppm NOx without costly catalysts, hazardous chemicals, extra ducts, or controls.

These innovative Rogue Combustion Low NOx burners can be supplied for new or retrofit into existing equipment. Complete boiler systems include the burner, blower, fuel gas train, combustion controls, and installation.