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Rogue Combustion Announces Boiler Burner Sale

As an emergent advanced combustion and controls provider, we're proud to announce today the first sale of our ultra-low NOx fire tube boiler burner with ClearSign Core™ Technology into the California market.

The boiler burner order was sold in conjuction with California Boiler into the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District of California where sub 5ppm NOx is required. The burner is scheduled to be installed in the second quarter of 2023.


The Rogue Combustion boiler burner was developed through an alliance with ClearSign Technologies. We started the development process from basic principles rather than modifying existing Low NOx burner designs which had already been pushed beyond their limits. The alliance became Rogue Combustion, LLC and the result is the Rogue burner and control series with ClearSign Core™ Technology.

Rogue Combustion has adapted the ClearSine Core™ Technology to fire-tube boiler burners, water-tube boiler burners, flares, and helical oil heaters.