Firetube Boiler Burner

Complying with increasingly tough emissions requirements is a continued challenge for the boiler industry. Conventional ultra-low NOx burners have been pushed to their limits; they have become increasingly complex and costly, and in some regions, still fail to meet current NOx requirements. SCRs can meet these new emissions regulations, but they come with significant capital and operating cost as well as the need for additional training to handle required catalysts and reagents.

Rogue Combustion now offers a superior solution - the Rogue Combustion Boiler Burner with ClearSign Core™ Technology.

Simply put, this product delivers SCR level performance in a compact burner that is both cost effective and simple to operate and maintain. Thoroughly tested in a variety of boiler configurations, the Rogue Combustion Boiler Burner with ClearSign Core™ Technology can yield sub 2.5 ppm NOx without costly catalysts, hazardous chemicals, extra ducts or controls.


Ultra Low NOx <2.5ppm

Premixed combustion, entrainment of spent flue gases, and a distal flameholder enable NOx levels never before seen in the industry - all without the use of reagents, catalysis and/or high excess air conditions.

Ultra Low CO <50ppm

Thorough premixing of the incoming fuel and air mixture ensures a highly efficient combustions at temperatures that ensure complete CO burnout.

Turndown >5:1

Increased combustion intensity and robust flame holding generate wide stability envelopes and ensure a high degree of turndown.

High Efficiency

Stable operation at low excess air levels ensures highly efficient combustion unlike competing high excess air solutions.


The Rogue Combustion Boiler Burner with ClearSign Core™ Technology solutions have ranges from as low as 4MMBTU/hr and up to 100MMBTU/hr, a true testament to the breadth and scalability of the technology.

Retrofit Solution

Due to the burner arrangement, a conventional burner tile is not required, allowing the burner to increase fired capacity without the need to change existing cutouts in the furnace floor. This allows for quicker and less expensive retrofit / burner changeouts.